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About Me

About Me


I am a modern general practitioner and specialised skin doctor working at The Local Doctor, Ivanhoe. I am passionate about providing warm, friendly and compassionate care. I have a strong belief in having a holistic approach to my patients, working together to provide the best possible treatment for any physical or mental health concerns. 

Often it is difficult to find a good GP who has the time to provide you with comprehensive care. Too many people are having very long wait times to see a doctor, only to be disappointed with a rushed appointment which does not cover all of your concerns. The most important part of my job is to allow time for my patients to discuss any issue without ever feeling rushed. In doing so I am able to be very thorough and provide you the best possible medical care.

As part of my training I completed my Medical Degree at The University of Melbourne with an MD. I also hold a Degree in Bio-Medicine with Honours and a PhD in Cancer and Heart Medicine. As part of my interest in skin medicine I have completed further training and I am a member of The Skin Cancer College of Australasia. 

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